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            Photoluminescent Film,PVC 10 hours

            Finished products for Crystal lattice cutting

            Photoluminescent Film,PET 8 hours

            Reflective lattice sheet(sheet and roll)

            Engineering grade prismatic(EGP)

            High intensity prismatic (HIP)shining star reflective sheeting

            Circular Coat for Safety Traffic Cone

            Prismatic reflective sheeting(square type)

            Reflective tape

            Reflective arrow mark

            Photoluminescent Film, PVC 8 hours

            High intensity prismatic(HIP)stripe reflective sheeting

            Explosion / Rot / Poison / Fuel etc Reflective Sticker

            Reflective lattice stripe

            Prismatic reflective sheeting(stripe type)

            ABOUT US

            ABOUT US

            Quanzhou Yejinghui Reflective Material Co., Ltd. is a leading Reflective Materials company specialized in reflective materials and related products including Reflective PVC Lattice, PC Crystal Lattice, Acrylic Lattice and Processing Reflective-products. Since its establishment, we have launched series of reflective security products in succession like Reflective PVC Crystal Lattice, PC Lattice, Gypsophila (film \ PVC \ PC), Reflective Aveolate, Reflective Sheeting which are all with credible quality. In the fierce competition of this society, we still carry out "the credibility being the core, the advanced technology being the backing, the quality being the pioneer, the service being the complement", endeavoring to reach high-tech innovation and providing customers with the best products. Our products have been sold to overseas markets and also won good reputation among customers.